Slippery roads and snow chaos in Eastern Norway

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Slippery roads and snow chaos in Eastern Norway

Several cars and semi-trailers have driven off the road during the morning due to slippery roads and snow chaos. Oslo Airport Gardermoen reports that the snowfall can lead to delays in air traffic.


– The crews are all hands to the pumps, but there may be some delays in air traffic, reports Oslo Airport on Twitter.

Avinor asks travellers to meet at the airport as normal and relate to information from their airlines.

Risk loss of driver’s licence

The season’s first proper snowfall has contributed to a hectic morning for the police, as always.

– In spite of snowy winter weather, many still drive around on summer tires, end up in the ditch, and lose their driver’s license. If you’re not properly equipped, you must leave your car behind, writes East Police District on Twitter.

The message from the police is crystal clear:

– Loss of licence can be expected if driving on summer tires in Eastern Norway today, says Operations Manager in the Oslo Police District, Christian Krohn Engeseth, to NTB.

So far there have been seven traffic incidents and accidents in the Norwegian capital that are directly related to the snowy conditions that started during the night before Tuesday. Several of the motorists involved were ”shoed with” summer tires.

– Fortunately, it has not lead to any serious injuries yet, says Krohn Engeseth.

Some of the incidents have led to the loss of driver’s licence and police reports for violations of the Road Traffic Act. The situation seems to have calmed down later on Tuesday.

– I have to implore people to leave the car behind and utilize the public offer [where that is available]. It’s not good that people take chances when it’s wintery with slippery roads.

At 09.23, the East Police District informed on Twitter that a truck was stuck cross lane and two cars were in the ditch at the Taraldsrud Cross Roads in the north-westerly direction.

Blocked the road

Just before 3 am on Tuesday, the East Police District reported that they had already received notifications from motorists who had problems with summer tires in the snow.

One of the accidents occurred in Dalsbygda in Hedmark, where eight people were involved when a belted vehicle drove into a ditch and rolled over on its side. Two of the persons were slightly injured in the incident.

– The first notifications arrived just before 3 am on the European Route 6 at Oslo Four trucks with trailers have had traffic problems, and by the E6 exit at Skulleruddumpa has several lorries and two trucks with trailers had problems, informs Operations Manager in the Oslo police district, Marita Aune, to NTB at 5 am.

The truck trains at Ulvenspletten for a period blocked the exit to Alnabru, but has now been fitted with snow-chains and has driven off. The trucks at Skulleruddumpa have also moved on. The driver of one of the truck trains is reported to the police for driving on summer tires and could not move his vehicle on despite it being fitted with snow-chains.

In addition to the lorries, passenger cars also experience problems.

Salmon in the ditch

Southeast Police District has assisted several drivers during the night. Among other incidents, a semi-trailer containing several metric tons of salmon drove off the road on European Route 134 at Nutheim in Selfjord municipality. The driver was sent for a routine check-up. It is very slippery on the spot, the police notifies.

In the same police district, a man in his twenties collided with a lane divider in Sandefjord. The car is equipped with summer tires and the driver lost his licence.

The Innland Police District notify that a person has been sent to Gjøvik Hospital for treatment of injuries after he drove off the county road 191 in

Nordre Land and collided with a mountainside. Snowy conditions on the site the police informs.

The Innland Police District also notify that a passenger car drove into the ditch and landed on its roof at Highway 3 at Husom.

– The car was equipped with summer tires and swerved. The person is conscious and has suffered little or no injuries. The person has been sent to the hospital for further observation, says Operations Manager, Haagen Løvseth.

The incident is reported and the driver’s license is seized.

It was notified beforehand of impending chaos in traffic due to the snow that was expected East of the mountains during the night. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute warned via Yr on Monday about snow and under-cooled rain in large parts of Norway in the next few days.


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