Small-farmer given prison sentence for animal cruelty

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A small farmer from Hedmark has been sentenced to imprisonment for one year for starving his animals to death.He has also been denied the right to keep animals for ten years.
The prison sentence was handed out in Hedmark District Court is one month longer than the prosecution team asked for, wrote Hamar Arbeiderblad.

In total, the farmer had 33 animals. Only six cows, and three horses, survived, and have been relocated. Several cows,and sheep died in the barn, or had to be killed when the Norwegian Food Safety Authority was notified and madea control of the property.

The small farmer had significant personal problems, and this was cited as the reason for losing control of the animal’s care and up-keep.

‘According to the court, the conditions he is now judged to be in, and the risk of new mental relapse, incompatible with his responsibility for the welfare of farm animals’, wrote the district court in the verdict.

However, the farmer is permitted to settle, and interact with animals together in company with other people.


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