Danger of pilot strike and flight chaos for SAS

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Danger of pilot strike and flight chaos for SAS

The Pilots in three Scandinavian pilot associations have issued an announcement of willingness to strike to SAS after the negotiations between the parties have come to a halt.


Danish and Norwegian SAS pilots organized in the three Scandinavian associations The Danish Pilot Association (DPF), the Norwegian SAS Airways Association (NSF) and the SAS Norway Pilot Association (SNF) sent the notification on Friday 25 August, the Danish industry media web site, Check-In.dk, writes.

According to the website, the strike threat comes after the negotiations for a renewed labour agreement for the pilots have been at a standstill for a long time.

– There has not been any prospect of progress in the negotiations during the summer – on the contrary, SAS has repeatedly used its right of interpretation in relation to the current agreement to the disadvantage of the pilots, it is stated in a membership letter that Check-In.dk has received .

According to Ritzau, the strike warning for the DPF means that a conflict will be enforcable from midnight September 11th.

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