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Smuggled doping agents in 172 bottles of cough syrup

Customs løfshusCustoms at Oslo airport found 172 bottles containing doping agents.Photo: Tolletaten / NTB scanpix


In April, an airline passenger from Hong Kong arrived at Oslo Airport, with a terrible amount of cough syrup.


Customs agents were suspicious and it appeared that the 172 bottles, the 64 year old man possessed, did not contain cough syrup, but doping agents.

The bottles were uncovered when customs agents were clearing the man’s luggage on Saturday, April 21st. They contained the active substances; ephedrine and codeine which are used as doping agents. The customs clearance amounted to 20,640 milliliters.

The baggage also contained 972 tablets of the prescription drug zopiclone.

The seizure and man were taken into custody by police at the main airport after customs control.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today


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