Solberg: – Russian posturing increases tension

Prime Minister Erna SolbergPrime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Russia would like to get some attention by using its rustling nuclear sabers strength to influence discussions and priorities, according to Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

– This policy will increase the tension. We find that there are some tensions in the Baltic Sea for the moment, she says to news agency NTB.

Russia was a key topic when the Nordic leaders met their Baltic counterparts during the Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen on Wednesday.

Russia has now moved two corvettes from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea.

They have long-range missiles on board that can carry nuclear weapons. In addition, they have recently deployed missiles in Kaliningrad that can carry nuclear weapons.

Solberg has no doubt that this will cause greater tension, both in the Baltic countries and Sweden.

– There is no imminent danger threatening by what we see but it’s a way for Russia to show their strength, so as to influence, she says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. Fra nær Oslo:

    Erna is talking neocon nonsense. (What *did* Obama wine and dine her and the other Nordic leaders with?? 🙂 )

    The Russians do NOT want war. They have only been counter-moving and counter-threatening … everywhere … after the West’s externally fomented Budapest treaty-breaking Kiev coup. (A year ago, French neoconservative guru Bernard-Henri Levy was here in Oslo in the Litteraturhus bragging about his part in that.) We Americans counter-moved just like and just as justifiably as they have been doing, when there was a pro-Soviet coup on Grenada in October 1983 within *our* inner security perimeter.

    The neocons have been trying to overthrow The Nordic Balance of strict neutrality for Sweden and Finland to make them NATO members to threaten Russia with a new 900-mile/1300 kilometer military front along Finland’s border, which would indeed guarantee a nuclear confrontation and World War 3. And the British are even more neocon than the Obama administration. Their chapter of the Henry Jackson Society was even giving direct input to Parliament on “Arctic policy.” Even McCain was over here … pushing … this insanity.

    Meanwhile, neocon Norway is in direct nuclear confrontation with nuclear superpower Russia (and soon China, reportedly, who has it in for Norway as it is, after the outrageous hypocrisy of the 2010 Nobel Peace prize), in Jordan training Syrian guerrillas, who will be killing not only Syrian troops but Russians and Chinese as well. And Norway has NO civil defenses for our families … for our children. Why isn’t Erna concerned about *that*?

    As it is, UN Resolution 2249 allowed outside intervention in Syria only if it was unwilling or unable to deal with Islamic State itself, but Russian intervention gives Syria the ability to wipe out IS, and it has always wanted to, as IS showed when it attacked the Syrian Army positions at Deir ez-Zorr, after our hour-long Coalition preparatory bombing of the Syrians in their long-known positions. (The Russians are claiming we stalled answering the hotline, when they tried to tell us of our “mistake.”)

    Norway’s involvement in our/Hillary’s/Obama’s war crime neocon Syrian coup/war is not only illegal … by the 1986 International Court of Justice opinion as well and most fundamentally … it is outside the defensive protection of NATO Article 5!

    If Erna is serious about wanting the Russians to stop “posturing,” she should instead be supporting – leading – us pulling out of our war crime Syrian war, making a fair treaty with Russia about the Ukraine, and maintaining the Nordic Balance policy of strict neutrality, so the Russians *can* be reassured and stop counter-threatening … and so we can resume commerce and friendship with them. They are GOOD people, and we … the West … have treated them badly.

    Again, the Russians do NOT want a war, although they were massively preparing for nuclear World War 3, thinking Hillary would win our election. They want a fair deal, and our deal-maker Political Patton who is about to become President Trump is just they guy to deal with them accordingly.

    We all need the Russians as friends and allies again, just as we Americans need Norwegians to continue to be among our best and most loyal friends and allies in the world.

    Lou Coatney

  2. By the way, today 5Dec16 is the 75th anniversary of the Russian winter *counter*-offensive at Moscow against the Nazis – the Wehrmacht’s first, strategic defeat on land in the andre verdenkrig.

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