The temperature is approaching minus

Oslo.Oslo.Photo: Anette Karlsen / NTB scanpix

Winter has arrived with full force in several parts of the country in recent days. Wednesday was officially measured minus 42.4 degrees in Kautokeino. Unofficially it is even colder.

According to the Meteorological Department on Thursday it will become less cold but minus degrees abound in Oslo will make Thursday much colder than in Longyearbyen.
While it is reported minus 10 degrees in the capital, in Svalbard it will only be minus 2 degrees.
But this is only trifles against Wednesday’s temperatures in Finnmark where the official measuring station measured minus 42.4 degrees.
According to Nordlys, even lower temperatures have been measured at Herder Peer Mikkelsen Gaup, who lives at Kautokeino River at Axe As south of Kautokeino.
There the thermometer showed 48.2 degrees below zero.
– Chilly, Gaup said.
The official cold record in Northern Norway is from 1886. When the mercury stopped at minus 51.4 degrees on 1 January, according to In 1999 it measured minus 51.2 in Karasjok on 28 January.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today