Stavanger airport had to shut down due to seeing an illegal drone

Next accidents with drones doubled last yearDrones.Photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson).Wikimedia

Stavanger Airport Sola had to shut down after a drone was observed at the airport. The case has been reported to the police.


The airport had to close between 13:35 and 14:00 Saturday afternoon, reports NRK. Airport manager Leif Anker Lorentzen says the incident was very uncomfortable.

“We work 24 hours a day to prevent birds from colliding with planes or helicopters. It goes without saying that a drone of the same size as a bird can have fatal consequences for a plane or a helicopter,” he says.

It is illegal to fly drones near airports, and both the police, the Armed Forces and the staff at the airport are looking for the person who operated the drone, to no luck.

Due to the closure, a Norwegian plane on its way to Sola from Oslo had to circle in the air for 20 minutes before landing. Beyond this, the closure had no other major consequences.


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