Still difficult to talk about mental health problems


A recent study shows that we still believe it is difficult to talk about our mental health than on our physical ailments.

– It is created the impression that it has become easier to talk about mental health in the community. Nevertheless, we think it is more difficult to talk about the mental health than it is to talk about the physical health, says Project Manager for World Mental Health Day, Le Hang Duongi in a statement.

The survey research institute YouGov commissioned by World Mental Health Day shows that most of us will experience a mental kink in life.

Every other Norwegians have experienced having mental challenges that have affected over time in the past year.

As for all
– The fact is that half of people somehow struggle which means that most of us are either struggling ourselves or know someone who is struggling therefore there is a concern on everyone’s mental health, says Duong.

Half of those who have struggled mentally in the past year say they can talk to family and friends about the challenges.

But 20 percent said that they neither speak to family, friends, coworkers or using anonymous services.

– Openness about mental health will make it easier for others to help so that things do not get worse, emphasizes Duong.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today