Still summer jobs to get all over the country

Still summer jobs to get all over the countryStill summer jobs to get all over the country.Photo: Per Løchen / Scanpix

More than 82,000 teens have ordered a tax deduction and exemption card before the summer. The most popular holiday jobs are gone, but there are still many opportunities left.

The popular jobs were filled long ago, but we’re working to make other possibilities known. Many are reluctant to work with street, telephone and door to door sales, but this is work that can open the door into larger organizations later and also can look very good on a resume, says managing director of Extra Help, Mari Espelin, to news agency NTB .

Espelin has 38,000 users of the free service for young job seekers aged between 15 and 25 years old.

– Many are slow to acquire summer jobs, but it is not too late for summer jobs, it is an extremely Fresh Market. they disappears and show up every day. We had tremendous growth right before summer, and over a thousand new users in the first week in July.

Looks good on your CV

YS-advisor Goran Scekic suggests that a summer job can be much more than just a way to get pocket money:

– Summer is also a great way to try out different professions and to get a foot inside for future careers. If youth do not manage to get into the industry they want most, it is important to remember that all work experience comes in handy. Do not be picky!

The increased unemployment in Norway the last two years, has made it more difficult for young and unskilled to enter the market. Thefefore it is encouraging that the number of holiday jobs advertised on Nav has increased 15 percent over the same period. In addition, odd jobs and seasonal work on and services that provide extra help Extra have also increased.

Even well into July there are still many opportunities, especially in sales, health care and food service.

– You can also ask employers directly, or make contact with family, friends and acquaintances. Some fail to advertise jobs just because they expect that you will contact them, said YS-counselor.

Espelin recommends young people have a part-time job throughout the year as well:

Many places will offer part-time job leading to offers for summer and vice versa.

Straight salary

Both Extra Help and YS get many questions about salary:

– Both young and their parents call us to find out what is a reasonable hourly rate for summer employment. Websites about this get the most clicks with us, said Scekic.

There is no other legal minimum, and there are large differences in salaries of various summer jobs. Scekic recommend to check what is the minimum wage in the various collective agreements to see what can be expected.

Espelin reminds that it is also important to consider the wage for showing up, if the job is short.

– If you travel some distance by bus to mow grass for a half hour there is  a lot of surplus time spent that you do not get paid for.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today