Strong reactions to sugardating advertising

Prostitute womanProstitute woman.Photo: Robert Schlesinger / NTB scanpix

An advertisement that lures students with the opportunity for zero kroner in student loans is creating controversy. ‘Date and Sugar daddy’ is the message.

The adverts have lately rolled around Oslo’s streets on a trailer, according to Universitas. A newly created dating site that offers contact between so-called «sugarbabies» and «sugardaddies» is the source.

According to the website, sugarbabies are “attractive people looking for the finer things in life” and appreciate exotic travels and gifts.

Sugardaddies are described as people who do not have problems with money and who are “generous when it comes to taking care of a sugarbaby”.

– I have no bad conscience. Rich Meet Beautiful is a website where 75 percent of the members are women seeking successful men. They come to us, says the owner of the website, Sigurd Vedal.

Critical Consumer Ombudsman
Consumer Ombudsman Elisabeth Lier Haugseth is highly critical of the advertising campaign, and says to VG that they will carefully evaluate whether it is in violation of the Marketing Act.

“We are particularly skeptical to the website putting that much emphasis on the financial situation, where  women will receive gifts and travel, especially for women students who do not have the best finances,” she says.

In the worst case scenario according to Haugseth, the advertisement also contravenes the anti-pimping laws.

“The anti-pimping paragraph does not fall under the Marketing Act, so this could be a case for the police.

– Completely voluntary

Founder Sigurd Vedal says that the site is not promoting prostitution, and if any of the members break that rule, they will be thrown out immediately.

“Everything that happens, including sex, must happen on a completely voluntarily basis – as in any other girl-boyfriend relationship.


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