Summer workers under unlawful conditions

Trade Union Summer Patrol Summer WorkersTrade Union Summer Patrol. Photo:

Four out of ten employers employ summer workers under unlawful conditions

LO’s summer patrol reveals more offenses at Norwegian work places than before. About 40 percent of employers violate the law regarding summer workers.


The proportion of businesses that one way ore the other allow their temporary employees to work under unlawful conditions has increased from 36.5 per cent last year to 40.2 per cent this year. This is the conclusion after around 7,000 unannounced visits that the Trade Union’s (LO) summer patrol has made this year.

The summer patrol every year investigates whether young temporary workers are working in accordance with legislation; This often does not prove to be the case. This year, a pressed labour market creates an environment leading to criminal conditions, says youth adviser in the Trade Union, Pål Henriksen Spjelkavik.

-With sky-high unemployment among the youth, young people more often accept unlawful working conditions in order to get a job at all. We are however very pleased that most employers are serious and keen to give young people a good entry point into the workplace, says Spjelkavik.

Biggest increase in the south and west

One reason why the volume has increased this year is that LO now also registers breaches on safety supervision – which is now the most common breach the summer patrol reveals. The LO also found several violations of right to pauses, overtime rules, working hours, employment contracts and supervision. 11.9 per cent concerns violations of working hours, according to NRK.

The extent of offenses increases most in Aust-Agder (+53.6 percent), Vest-Agder (+59.3), Hordaland (+41.2) and Møre og Romsdal (+29.8).


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