Support to have two midwives for home birth will be ended


Midwives Association races for cuts in benefits for home birth. Despite the fact that the Directorate of Health recommends that two are present now only one midwife will receive benefits from Helfo.

Ministry of Health (HOD) concluded that the payment of two midwives, which has been done in exceptional cases, is in conflict with current regulations.

The payoff is currently at least 7,065 million for midwife assisting with home birth.
– Based on current regulations benefit may only be paid under tariff 4a to one midwife for the same birth, says the ministry.

The decision is made despite the Directorate of Health recommendation that two midwives should be present at a home birth. New practice comes into force on September 1st.

Midwives Association is dissatisfied with the cut and that the change occurs so soon:

– For midwives living of home births, this is the same as being fired with two weeks’ period of notice, they are stating on their websites.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today