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Taxi driver is victim of violence

Taxi Haxi Taxi DriverA Norwegian Taxi. Illustration Photo: Norway Today Media

A male taxi driver was sent to hospital after being physically attacked by two passengers in his taxi at Brennåsen in Songdalen municipality on Friday night.

The police were notified about the attack at 02:52 on Saturday morning.

‘Two people ran from the scene and we have not yet apprehended them’, said operations manager, Eyvind Formoe of Agder police.

Formoe said the taxi driver has been hospitalised for treatment, but he did not receive life-threatening injuries. Beyond this, the police didn’t want to comment on the extent of his injuries, or the type of violence he was subjected to.

The taxi driver has so far had a short conversation with the police, during which he testified about the attack.

‘It’s too early to say why the episode ended as it did’, said Formoe.

Police are currently working on finding the identity of the two perpetrators of the attack.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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