Telenor must follow up on the concerns

Network cable Copper optic fibre TelenorNetwork cables are moving from copper to optic fibre. Photo: Pixabay

Telenor must follow up on the customers’ concerns

“Many customers are worried about the telephone and broadband services when Telenor is going to sanitize the copper wiring over the next few years. I understand this very well, and I expect Telenor to provide its customers with good information regarding how they are to follow up on their duty to provide telephone services. I am pleased that the National Communications Authority (Nkom) asks Telenor to explain what is going to happen in the future,” Norwegian Minister of Digitalization, Nikolai Astrup (Conservatives), states.

Telenor has previously informed that the copper lines will be phased out by the end of 2022 as part of the modernization of the landline network in Norway. Telenor informed customers recently that errors on the copper lines will not be corrected after May 1st.

Nkom today sends a letter to Telenor stating that the company must better account for what happens when the company modernizes the network and what rights the customers have in that process.

“We understand that Telenor is replacing old technology and contribute to more people being able to access high-capacity networks through fibre or mobile solutions. This, however, has to happen in a way that does not lead to anxiety for the customers,” Astrup explains.

Ensured service by Telenor

All households that today have telephone service over a copper line, and who lose this service when the copper removal is carried out, shall be ensured an alternative telephony service due to Telenor’s obligation to provide voice services.

Telenor does not have a supply obligation on broadband, but Nkom now encourages Telenor to inform about how the company will assist its customers so that they do not lose coverage if errors occur in the copper network after May 1st.

“It is important that customers who have broadband over the copper network and who do not have another alternative in the market, are well assisted by Telenor. Telenor’s obligation to provide voice services will mean that many will also be able to obtain good broadband services. I am glad that Nkom is clear on this to Telenor. I will, personally, follow this situation closely,” Astrup concludes.

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