Telle claims she was threatened by UNN boss

Telle UNN, ThreatsMarianne Telle. Photo: Dagens Medisin

Telle claims she was threatened by Hospital director

Marianne Telle, The chairperson of the Board in Helse Nord (Health North Norway) says she received what she perceived as serious threats from the director of the University Hospital of North Norway in Tromsø  (UNN) in December.


Telle confirms to Dagens Medisin (Todays medicine) that she has been threatened by hospital boss, Tor Ingebrigtsen, in connection with the conflict about establishing a so-called PCI center to Bodø (Nordland Hospital). This is an offer of advanced methods for treating patients suffering from heart attacks.

According to Telle, the threats were made in connection with the battle regarding location were uttered in a telephone conversation ahead of a board meeting in Helse Nord.

– He said that if that happens, it would have serious consequences for me personally. He said things like “we’re mad at you”, “you’ll be crushed”, “you will be left with nothing at all , says Telle to iTromsø.

Not personally directed at Telle

Tor Ingebrigtsen on Tuesday announced that he resigns as a hospital director, but that he wants to remain in his position for the six months he is entitled to. He does not refer to the threats in his letter of resignation. In a statement issued to Dagens Medisin and several other media on Thursday night, Ingebrigtsen however states that he is sorry that Telle perceived the telephone conversation as a threat against her person.

– First and foremost, I would like to emphasize that I certainly do not trivialize that Marianne Telle had a bad experience. I respect that she perceived the conversation the way she did. I have apologized for that. But I maintain that I have not made threats against her, says Ingebrigtsen.

He says they late last year were in a situation where he perceived that there was a significant risk that the board of Health North would make a decision that, in his opinion, would not be beneficial to the patients in the region.

Can not go on

After the conversation with the hospital director, Telle took direct contact with the CEO of Helse Nord, Lars Vorland, who responded strongly to the matter. He says that he noticed from Telle’s reaction that she perceived the threats as being very serious. Vorland is adamant that Tor Ingebrigtsen could not have continued as a director of UNN.

– In my opinion, he can not. I have zero tolerance towards threats and have thankfully not experienced that myself, Vorland says to TV 2.

He adds that – as the case stands – it is for the best that Ingebrgtsen withdraws.

Refrained from reporting to the police

At the board meeting on December 13, Telle stated that she would not report the threats to the police, as she had previously stated that she would. The reason was that it was not her person that was attacked, but her in the role as chairperson.

Telle says Ingebrigtsen admitted what had happened and that he made an apology. They made an agreement that the threats should not be reported to police, and also agreed that the case should not be publicized because that would not be beneficial to either of them. But when Dagens Medisin named Ingebrigtsen as the one who had threatened Telle, she chose to confirm the fact.

– I had but no choice to step forward when the matter was public domain and Ingebrigtsen was named in several online newspapers. It’s important to get facts straight and not let speculation rule, says Telle.

Threats against the mayor

Mayor of Bodø, Ida Pinnerød, confirms that she too has been exposed to what she perceives as threats from Ingebrigtsen, reports NRK.

– He pointed to me and said that this would have consequences and an aftermath. It was directly linked to my involvement in the PCI debate, says Pinnerød regarding an inquiry from the UNN bossr after a debate on NRK Nordland a year ago.

The Norwegian Association of Doctors reacts vehemently and calls Ingebrigten’s leadership style both shocking and unacceptable.


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