Tesla tops new car sales in June

Tesla batteries electric carThis undated image provided by Tesla Motors shows the Tesla Model 3 sedan. The electric car company‚the newest editione, the Model 3, which set to go to its first 30 customers Friday, July 28, 2017, is half the cost of previous models. Its $35,000 starting price and 215-mile range could bring hundreds of thousands of customers into Tesla's fold, taking it from a niche luxury brand to the mainstream. (Courtesy of Tesla Motors via AP)

A quarter of new car sales in Norway is a Tesla

15,352 new passenger cars were registered in Norway in June 2019. One-quarter of them is of the brand Tesla.

Electric cars have a market share of 48.4 per cent at the moment, figures from the Information Council for Road Traffic (OFV) show. A total of 7,428 zero emission-free passenger cars were registered. This is an increase of 87 per cent compared with June 2018.

In June, 13.5 per cent of all newly registered passenger cars is solely diesel powered, while 16 per cent depends on petrol alone.

A total of 78,209 new passenger cars are registered in the first half of the year. This is 1,464 more than in the first half of last year. 12,605 of those are branded Tesla, which gives a market share of 16 per cent. The total electric share is 45 per cent.



Incentives are important

“This bodes well for the Norwegian Parliament’s goal of 100 per cent fossil-free new car sales in 2025. Moving from 50 to 100 per cent market share in six years does, however, not happen by itself,” Deputy Leader of the Norwegian Electric Car Association, Petter Haugneland, states.

Haugneland warns that the sale of electric cars will drop; if the politicians give in to pressure and remove some of the incentives electric vehicle owners currently possess.

Figures from the Norwegian Electric Car Association’s annual survey, the “Elbilisten”, show that discounted or free road toll passages are one of the most important reasons why people opt for a Tesla or other electric car.

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