The climate warming in Svalbard is six times greater than it is globally

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Recent climate figures show that temperatures in Svalbard have been higher than average over the past nine years. Since 1961 the temperature has increased by 5.6 degrees.

– “Climate change in Svalbard is dramatic. The warming here is six times greater than the global temperature increase,” says climate researcher Ketil Isaksen at the Meteorological Institute (MET).

The temperature in Svalbard has risen by 5.6 degrees since 1961. In comparison, temperatures on average have risen by 0.9 degrees in the same period. Nowhere else is global warming happening faster than in the Svalbard region.

So-called winter rain in the winter, which previously came as snow, is now more often replaced by heavy rain, explains Isaksen. Since the beginning of the 1960s, the temperature increase has been almost three times higher than it has been in Oslo.

– “In some months the temperature in the area around Longyearbyen has been 12-14 degrees above normal. Many remember the drought summer in eastern Norway last year, and by comparison the temperature was “just” 3.2 degrees above normal on Blindern,” says Isaksen.

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  1. Why you cry now; Which country produces pollution near Svalbard the last 60 years;
    I don’t understand this thing, everybody is happy in Norway, oil has made most of the people with money but at the same time they cry for pollution. This phenomenon I can describe it with the word: Hypocritic.
    They earn money polluting the enviroment and at the same time they say they care for the enviroment. Find a good doctor please…..

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