The custom officers stopped a Polish car with 320,000 cigarettes

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Norwegian custom officers found 320,000 cigarettes hidden in a secret compartment in a Polish van. Four men have been arrested in the case.

Custom officers from Oslo made an inspection the car on Klofta in Akershus  on February 7 this year. A patrol observed that the driver of a Norwegian registered car with three men approached the driver of the van, said the Customs.

The van driver said that he would pick up a destroyed car in Oslo and transport it back to Poland.

– The customs officers did not believe the statements of the four men and decided to do a thorough customs inspection of  the vehicles in the control hall at Gardermoen. Here the customs agents found  a secret compartment designed for smuggling, and the compartment was filled with 319,960 cigarettes with Russian markings, the customs officers said in a statement.

The cigarettes amounts to over one million kroner in tax evasion, and the four men were taken away by the police in Romerike.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today