The Liberal party wants to push down the price of public transport

The Liberal party leader Trine Skei Grande.Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

The Liberals (Venstre) kicked-off their election campaign on Tuesday evening on a tram which swept through the capital from Grünerløkka to Majorstuen.

The location was by no means accidental. One of the party’s most important election pledges in Oslo is to lower the price of monthly tickets for public transport to NOK 590. Elsewhere it is about expanding the offer.

“It should be so simple that everyone has a monthly card for public transport all the time, without it being a burden,” says Left leader Trine Skei Grande to NTB.

The climate is the most important

The climate becomes the most important issue for the Liberals in the election campaign.

“Environment is not about getting colder, wearing extra-thick sweaters, not eating fun things and never going on holiday. It’s about having to do things better, so that we can take care of our globe while enjoying everything”, she says.

The party leader reveals that she is not worried about the toll rebellion that has grown around the country.

“People I meet are passionate about completely different things, so I’m really excited about how this will end,” Grande says.

“I hope people can think a little about it and realize that it is not just the price through a toll station that is important, but that our kids and our future are quite important too,” she adds.

Frp wants to meet at the middle

Frp veteran Carl I. Hagen told NTB on Tuesday that the simplest solution for the toll roads is that the government should halve the fees and use oil fund money to finance the other half. By doing things this way, he believes that the government’s two extremes in the toll question – The Liberals and Frp – can meet in the middle.

“I don’t think that’s a solution. Period. I don’t need to say anything more about it,” laughs Grande.

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