The oil workers’ strike has been called off

Oil platform - Odin Drill - Aker H3 plattformPhoto (illustration): Erik Thorberg / NTB Scanpix

The parties in the oil strike conflict have reached an agreement after talks with the State Conciliator of Norway (Riksmekleren).

“There was an agreement between the parties today. The strike is called off, and the activities at all the facilities can be resumed,” information manager Kolbjørn Andreassen in Norwegian Oil and Gas told news bureau NTB.

The other party in the strike, the trade union Lederne, also confirms the agreement.

The two parties have set April 21, 2021, as the deadline for including today’s agreement in a broader industry agreement.

Strike escalation evaded

The parties met with the State Conciliator at 10:00 AM on Friday.

About eight and a half hours later, the agreement was in place.

Six oil fields have been out of production due to the strike.

The strike was supposed to escalate next week, but the breakthrough in the negotiation prevented the further union action.

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