The weather in February in Norway was warmer and wetter than usual

Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB

According to the Meteorological Institute, February was 20% wetter and over 1 degree warmer than normal for the month.

The monthly temperature for the whole country was 1.1 degrees above normal for the last 30 years.

“In Eastern Norway, the temperature was on average three degrees above the normal. In most of Southern Norway, the month was ‘warm’ or on the mild side of normal,” Jostein Mamen, a climate researcher at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, stated.

In some areas in Troms, Lofoten, and Vesterålen, February was “cold,” while otherwise, it was around normal in Northern Norway.

The largest deviations were registered in Vestfold og Telemark, Viken, and Innlandet, 3-4 degrees above normal. 

Southern Norway: Wetter than normal

In addition, Norway was also 20% wetter than normal for February. The largest deviations were registered at measuring stations in Southern Norway, with between 100 and 150% more precipitation than normal.

In the outer areas of Troms og Finnmark, and the northern part of Nordland, the month was “dry” and partly “very dry.” In the rest of Nordland and Trøndelag, the month was around normal.

Most precipitation was measured at Gullfjellet in Bergen, with 94.3 millimeters in one day (February 13), and 493.6 millimeters in total in February, 39% more than normal.

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