Two million Norwegians still haven’t checked their tax card

Skatteetaten - Tax AuthorityPhoto: Lise Åserud / NTB

Two months after the tax card has been sent out, there are still two million Norwegians who have not checked whether the tax information on their card is correct, the Tax Administration announced in a press release on Wednesday. 

“If you want to be sure that you pay the right amount of tax, it is important to check that the information we use is correct,” division director Marta Johanne Gjengedal in the Tax Administration stated.

The tax card shows how much tax is deducted from salaries and other payments in 2022, and it has been available since December 15 last year.

Some of the information used by the Tax Administration to finalize tax cards for the income year 2022 is based on information from the tax return and the tax settlement for the income year 2020 and the unemployment benefits report.

But later changes in your life and your personal finances will often affect the taxes you have to pay.

“The tax deduction we calculated for you is based on how we think your income, expenses, and wealth will look in 2022. At the same time, we know that both the pandemic, rule changes, and changes in your life situation mean that this estimate may be wrong,” Gjengedal emphasized.

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