The winter holidays will be best to the south of Trondelag

Vinstra. Ray of sunshine over the winter landscape in Sødorpfjellet in Gudbrandsdalen.Vinstra. Ray of sunshine over the winter landscape in Sødorpfjellet in Gudbrandsdalen.Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix
The weather this weekend will not have much to offer the people of southern Norway. But when the winter holiday starts, people will experience days with lots  of sunshine.
– Precipitation, especially on Saturday, is the answer of Øyvind Johnsen metereologist on duty at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute to the  questions about what kind of wather people in Southern Norway can expect  this weekend.
According to the meteorologist, the sky this weekend will be gray in the Southern part of Norway,  and the west coast will be area who gets the most rainfall. He says that some areas south of Stad and Dovre, especially in the mountains, will experience so much wind and rain that it might cause difficulties for people who are travelling through these areas. But then Sunday arrives and saves us from the misery.
– Sunday will be a sort of transition day to more pleasant weather, says Johnsen, which will probably lead many to rejoice over the fact that the winter holiday does not start until next week.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today