Government promises 2.8 billion to rainforest

rain forest fund bio fuel climate gasRainforest. Photo:Pixabay

Government allocates 2.8 billion to rainforest initiative in the draft budget for 2017. There is a slight increase from this year’s spending.

Norway launched the so-called climate and forest initiative in 2007, and the promise is to provide up to 3 billion annually until 2020.

The initiative will continue after 2020, but it is not clear what level of monetary funds will be put forward for the cause.

A cut in rainforest money led to quarrels between the government and supporting parties when the draft budget for 2016 was published.

The proposal for 2017 is an increase of 1.4 percent  than the figure in the state budget for this year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today