There will be a May 17 event at Slottsplassen after all

Norway's National DayMay 17 in Oslo.The royal family.Photo : Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

For the first time since the war, the children’s preocession in Oslo has been cancelled. But there will still be a celebrations at Slottsplassen.

At 13 o’clock there will be joint singing of the national anthem throughout the country. NRK will then send directly from an event at Slottsplassen, where His Majesty the King’s Guards music corps, the Norwegian Soloist Choir and representatives from other choirs will be present.

At Wednesday’s press conference on the Corona situation, Health and Care Minister Bent Høie (H) asked the public to stay away from the area around Slottsplassen, which is closed to the public. The castle has now been exempted from the ban on congregations of over 50 people to host the event.

– The other rules for public events will apply. Everyone should be at least one meter apart, it should be possible to exercise good hand hygiene, the organiser must have an overview of who is going to be present, and there should be good infection control measures, says Høie.

Solberg in Oslo
Prime Minister Erna Solberg usually returns to Bergen for May 17. Due to the special circumstances this year, she will stay in Oslo and participates in the joint singing of the national anthem at 1 pm, the Prime Minister’s Office tells NTB.

At the Storting, the day will be marked by the Constitution being taken out from the security vault, which happens very rarely. Since the war, the Constitution was only been viewed publicly in 1989 and in 2014. It will be taken out of the vault at 9.45 and this can be followed online.

Pop-up choirs and card series
The police want situation-based preparedness in Oslo on National Day, but expect the public to be able to follow the rules themselves.

“We have an expectation that people are now so well-informed that they know how to comply with the authorities’ recommendations to prevent the spread of infection,” says Chief of Staff Harald Nilssen of the Oslo Police District.

Høie has also emphasised that he believes the Norwegian people are prepared to follow the Corona advice on our National Day as well.

– We hope people join in and celebrate, but the clear call is for people to stay at home, says Pia Farstad von Hall in the May 17 committee in Oslo to NTB.

A number of restaurants are open.

– But it is a Sunday, so then it is the alcohol rules for Sundays that apply, she says.

Maps and vintage cars
In the major cities, the festivities are largely arranged for the celebration to reach the people.

In Oslo there will be a boat parade in the fjord, while veteran cars and bands will create a mood in the boroughs. In Bergen, a short series of fire trucks, veteran cars, buses and trucks with stages will be driving around the city .

In Trondheim a lot is going on digitally, and a number of speeches and music performances will be given. The day concludes with a concert with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. In Tromsø, the municipality is holding live broadcasts from the celebration, according to iTromsø.

May 17 broadcasts on TV
NRK and TV 2 will broadcast the special National Day to the Norwegian people. Nadia Hasnaoui and Christian Strand will welcome guests from 7.50am to 5pm on the roof terrace at Marienlyst, while Olav Viksmo-Slettan and Kaja Figenschou are the hosts for NRK’s ​​May 17 broadcast on radio.

TV 2 will start the celebration at 7am with “Good May 17 Norway” at Aker Brygge. Desta Marie Beeder and Espen Fiveland will be the program hosts, before the Yvonne Funds and Rune Kjos take over from the Opera roof terrace until 17:30.

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