Three new F-35 fighter aircraft landed in Norway

F35Ørland. F35.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

On Tuesday night, three new F-35 fighters landed in Norway. Thus, Norway has 18 new F-35 fighter aircraft

The planes took off from Texas on Tuesday morning (Norwegian time), and landed late that night, the Defense reports on its website. The Air Force has so far received 18 aircraft to Norway. In addition, seven aircraft are stationed in the United States for educational purposes.

– “Although the world is in a very demanding situation with the Coronavirus, the Americans were able to deliver the planes as planned. This is very impressive, and it is important for us to receive the equipment at the right time so that we reach our operational goals,” says the commander of 132 Air Wing, Colonel Øivind Gunnerud.

Norway has ordered 52 F-35 fighter aircraft. They can perform far more missions without the support of other aircraft or ground stations than the F-16 can.

The planes will be fully operational from 2025, according to the Ministry of Defense.

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  1. That is incredible range for a fighter-bomber, even with assumed stopovers in Canada, possibly Greenland, and Iceland.

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