Three shot dead in Finland

The Finnish flagThe Finnish flag

Three women have been shot dead outside a restaurant in Imatra in South Karelia in Finland, according to the Finnish TV channel Yle.

Yle reporter Vesa Winberg, who plays in a band that performed in the venue next door, said his wife came in and told him about the shooting outside. He is now in place and said three bodies are covered with white sheets.
– I ran out when I saw criminal technicians take pictures. I’ve talked to people who say that they were shot with a shotgun. Three  women are dead, said a journalist to newspaper Aftonbladet.
Police confirmed that the shootout happened around midnight, but will not say anything about the number of victims or about the incident until Sunday morning, reports Yle. One person has been arrested by the police and neighborhood pedestrian is blocked off.
– People are really shocked, there are a lot of strong feelings in many of them. People cry and it is understandable that many react to this, says Winberg.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today