Three-year-old girl died from head trauma

three-year-old girl St Olav HospitalSt Olav Hospital. Photo: By Manxruler - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Three-year-old girl died from substantial injuries

The little girl from Namdalen was brought to hospital on Monday night, and her mother and stepfather were subsequently charged with violent behaviour. On Wednesday, the three-year-old girl died in hospital.


The Police were alerted at 3:02 am on Monday. The notification was that a child from Namdalen was brought to a doctor with serious head injuries The girl was later admitted to St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim. At a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, the police announced that the girl died of injuries sustained earlier in the day.

The girl’s mother and stepfather have been charged in the case, and the charges against them was Wednesday altered.

’ – They were previously charged with gross bodily harm, and this paragraph also includes deaths, so the charge itself is maintained as such, but it is added that the child died from the sustained injury, police attorney in Trøndelag police district, Amund Sand, says.

The police have tried to get in touch with the little girl’s biological father, without success. He is supposedly currently in East Africa.

In Custody

The Stepfather in his thirties was remanded for four weeks by Inntrøndelag District Court on Wednesday. The Police’s desire four weeks in custody with letter and visit restraint for the first two weeks was approved of.

The 20-year-old mother is being brought before court on Thursday.

The two have denied culpability throughout and, according to the police; have stuck to their explanations even after it became known that the child died from the injuries. The couple has currently only been questioned once.

Police Attorney Sand stated at Wednesday’s press conference that there is a “significant disparity” between the two accused have explained and the damage to the three year old girl. Her mother and stepfather have previously explained that the child fell out of bed, an explanation the police does not believe in.

The family lives in Overhalla. Three of the children in the family are taken care of by child welfare authorities, who have taken over custody of them.

“The three are together,” says Sand, who can also announce that there have been preliminary questionnaires of two of the children. As far as the police know, the family has not been in contact with the child welfare authorities in the past.


The Sheriff in Namsos and Fosnes, Svenn Ingar Viken, announces that the dead girl will be autopsied on Thursday. The local police have requested assistance from both the Oslo University and NCIS to the examination of the child.

– We use all our resources here in Nord-Trøndelag on the case and have also received assistance from the police in Sør-Trøndelag. NCIS is in place with an investigator who will assist in the tactical and technical part of the investigation, says Viken.



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