Top 10 stories of the week: Your Saturday morning coffee briefing Dec 12

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In case you missed it: Catch up on your weekly news with the top 10 Norway Today stories this week.

Here’s your weekly Saturday morning briefing.

1. Norway tightened residence requirements from December 1. Here are the details

The governing parties and the Progress Party (FRP) tightened Norway’s asylum and immigration policy by raising the residence requirement for the right to permanent residence from three to five years. This article brings you the details on the new requirements.

2. Minimum wage in Norway: An introduction

Whether you’re moving to Norway, traveling to Norway, considering one or the other – or you’re simply curious – we’re providing this article to answer all your questions about minimum wage in Norway. Including; does it even exist?

3. Oslo is giving citizens 5,000 kroner per person to buy electric bicycles

The districts south and east of Oslo will receive the largest share of a pot of NOK 5.5 million, which the City Council will now distribute to get more people to buy electric bicycles. Read more here!

4. Scientist bets NOK 1 billion that the world’s first 200-year-old person has already been born

Professor Stuart Kim of Stanford University believes that people already alive today will live to be 200. According to the professor, average life expectancy is increasing by about 2.5 years each decade. He’s so confident in this, that he’s bet (with a group of scientists) the equivalent of NOK 1 billion on it!

5. Foreigners living in Norway with a health professional background can now work in healthcare

The Norwegian government is now allowing foreigners with a health professional background who live in Norway to work in the health and care sector. This article brings you the details on the new decision.

6. 18 totally Norwegian habits

From conversation and punctuality to food and fitness, we’ve brought you a list of Norwegian habits.

7. From January 1, all travelers to Norway will have to register in a government database

From January 1, everyone who wants to enter Norway will have to register their personal information in an infection control database created by the government. This article brings you the details on the new process.

8. What are prisons in Norway like, really?

Prisons in Norway are known for being heavily focused on rehabilitation. Some say they’re too comfortable and forgiving for perpetrators of serious crimes, including violence. Some say they’re exemplarily humane and part of the reason Norway’s crime rates are low compared to other countries. We deep dive into the topic in this article.

9. Norway announced important changes to its corona rules. These are the key updates

The Norwegian government announced an update to Norway’s corona rules during a corona press conference. This article brings you the details on the new changes.

10. Name of Norway’s completely new airline company revealed

The newly established airline of former Braathens SAFE director Erik G. Braathen will be called Flyr. Here’s what we know about Flyr so far.

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