Trondheim and Stavanger are best for bike riders

Trondheim and Stavanger are best to ride a bikeTrondheim and Stavanger are best to ride a bike.Photo: NAF

It is much safer to ride in Trondheim and Stavanger than in Oslo.


Thats if we are going to listen to those who roam around these cities. While only one in four in Oslo think it’s safe to ride the city, 55% in Trondheim and 49% in Stavanger think it’s safe to ride in their cities. So twice as many as in Oslo.

“There is a lot to do before it is considered safe to ride in our big cities,” says Inger Elisabeth Sagedal, Communications Manager at NAF, member organization for road users.

“Separating traffic groups is the most important measure for more people to feel safe on a bicycle. Our survey also shows that multiple walking and cycling routes are an initiative people want politicians to prioritize.

Tromsø is the third best bike city, with just over one in three (36%) feeling safe followed by Bergen where 30% say the same.

It depends on more soft road users to avoid traffic back ups and chaos

The population in the largest cities will grow strongly in the future and politicians have decided that passenger car traffic in the cities will not increase. More cycling is a key to achieving these goals, as well as focusing on collective growth in line with the growth of people who go from A to B.

The towns have very ambitious goals for us to travel more environmentally friendly. Then politicians have to make it attractive to choose something other than cars if the transition is going to happen in a good way. Safe conditions for cycling is key here, says Sagedal.

One in three wants politicians to prioritize bicycles

NAF has asked people throughout the country what measures they want the politicians to prioritize. One in three (33%) believe better facilitation of cycling in cities and towns should be prioritized.


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