Trump and Brexit gets the most attention in the news

Donald TrumpU.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.Photo:REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Although the media is writing mostly of the municipal merger, the EU referendum in Britain and Trump in the United States are issues that make the biggest impression in media.

Although Brexit came ninth in the list of what the media has given most attention to this spring, it is this story that has made the biggest impression on Norwegians. 54 percent have been following the drama in the UK and 51 percent have been following Donald Trump’s run up to the presidential elections in the United States.

Shown by poll Agenda Tracker and, polling institute YouGov.  The media analyst Retriever and PR-operators are working together to measure and analyze the most talked about issues in the Norwegian media four times a year.

Sad and tired of terror

There are no cases of political drama that evokes the great feelings, according to the survey. The terrorist attacks around the world makes 83 percent of respondents sad or upset, followed by the helicopter accident at Turøy near Bergen (79 percent) and refugee crisis (64 percent).

– There is a decrease in both the number of articles about the refugee crisis and IS and what feelings these stories produce. This suggests that people are starting to get tired of these stories. There is simply too much misery, says advisor in PR operators Lukas Loeb, who compared it with the first three months.

The municipal merger top story

Referendums on municipal mergers is the case the media has written most of the past three months, in over 20,000 cases.

Meanwhile, it does not appear that the discussion around the municipal minister’s large project has evoked feelings by residents. Only 14 percent let themself be upset by this, and only 4 percent said they were delighted by the coverage.

– Municipal merger is good material for the media, especially local media, but our figures show that most people do not get carried away with it. These numbers conform with the low turnout in the referendum, says Retrievers customer and analysis manager, Kristina Nilsen.

The survey applies to the second quarter of this year, ie April, May and June.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today