Two convicted of smuggling nearly 90 heroin eggs each in the stomach

Prison, au pairsPrison: Photo:Pixabay

Two 33-year-old men are sentenced to seven years and six years and six months in prison for the import of a large amount of heroin.

The verdict fell in Stavanger District Court Friday last week, Stavanger Aftenblad writes.

The two men had both swallowed near 90 eggs each containing about 1,390 grams of heroin.

The two who were accused acknowledged partial culpability in the main proceedings. They admitted having introduced the heroine, but refused to have knowledge that the other also had swallowed heroin eggs.

The Court, however, did not buy this explanation. A unanimous court thinks the two co-operation, and the verdict points out that the two have helped each other; One mastered languages and the other had the money to complete the journey.

The verdict concludes that the two together travelled from Poland to Amsterdam to obtain the heroine that was to be transported to Norway as part of a joint mission.

The reason that one of the two 33-year-olds gets a stricter sentence is that he has previously sentenced to a six-year imprisonment sentence in Sweden for the import of 2.9 kilograms of amphetamine. Defence Attorney Inger Marie Sunde announce that the verdict will be appealed.

– My client disagrees with the fact that he should be found to be involved in what the other accused had done. On this basis, he appeals the verdict to the court of appeals. He believes that he should be punished only for what he himself smuggled.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today