Two mail issues to remember this weekend

Mail Christmas Parcel DeliveryThe mail deliverers have a lot to do before Christmas. Photo: Posten Norge

Two mail issues to remember this weekend

The deadline for sending mail that is scheduled for delivery by Christmas Eve is tomorrow, Sunday. Furthermore, you need to pick up your parcels ASAP.


On Friday there were 330,2017 packages waiting to be picked up at the Postal service. That means Christmas shopping is nearing a peak, and storage is scarce. Several Post in stores stay open on Sunday, and the Norwegian Postal service (Posten Norge) hopes that as many as possible will receive their Christmas gifts on time.

– These are more parcels now than it was after Black Friday. That says quite a lot because then it was already brimming. Don’t dawdle, and come to pick them up, is our clear message, Press Officer in Posten Norge, John Eckhoff, implores.

Before Christmas, the Postal Service handles about 10 million Christmas greetings, around 40 million other letters and around four million parcels.

For many years, December 16th has been the deadline for sending mail that is to be deliverable by Christmas. That deadline also applies for 2018.

– There is a lot to be delivered before Christmas, so it pays to be early. Write the Christmas cards this weekend, wrap the parcels and send them off, Eckhoff continues.

Novelties of the year are digital stamps and that you can dispatch the Christmas mail from your own mailbox. If you so wish, you can order a pickup in order for the postal workers to retrieve the items on their regular route and send them on for you.

7 Postal rules for Christmas

  • Plan for Christmas and inform where you stay. Old mailing lists can cause delayed mail. Remember to update your own and check other people’s addresses at Update with temporary whereabouts if you go someplace else.
  • Use adequate packaging – it is no shame to wrap properly. Prevent the contents from falling out and use fillers, such as popcorn, to prevent damage. Please put an address tag inside the parcel as well as on the outside.
  • Heed the deadlines. Send the Christmas mail before December 16th. There are separate deadlines for abroad – check them on
  • Save your energy and bypass the queue: Buy digital stamps and send from your own mailbox. Pay online, enter the code on the Christmas mail. The postman will pick up if ordered.
  • Download the Posten tracking app and show the pickup code. Follow the parcels en route to you and be notified when they can be retrieved. Remember to show the pickup code at retrieval
  • Drop map and compass. Order for home delivery
  • Listen to experienced postal workers, pick up your parcels ASAP. Help your pickup point and retrieve the packages as they arrive. Tip: You can often save time by avoiding the queue around lunchtime.


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