UN: Civilian Ukrainians arrested and abducted by Russians

Photo: AP Photo / Rodrigo Abd, File

Civilians are being arrested and abducted in Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine, the UN said. The organization has confirmed at least 36 cases so far.

In most cases, the family is denied all information about the fate of those who are being held captive. Ukrainians say they fear an escalating campaign of kidnappings and threats, as Russia struggles to take control of strategic targets and cities in Ukraine, the BBC reports.

A spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), which is tasked with documenting abductions in Ukraine, told the channel that those targeted were mostly community representatives, journalists, and people who voiced their pro-Ukrainian stance.

In February, US intelligence sent a letter to the UN warning that Russia had drawn up a list of Ukrainians to be attacked or arrested after the invasion of Ukraine.

The UN says it has not been able to determine whether those abducted are on such a list.

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