Vaccine season now that the summer vacation is on its way


Vaccine season now that the summer vacation is on its way

500 cases of measles were reported in Europe In in January. In April, NRK news reported that there have been particularly many cases in Romania and Italy so far this year.


Several other countries have also been affected, which has led to a lot of media coverage of the viral illness.

Linn Anette Berg Mæhlum is the Unit manager for the health center in Sandefjord municipality. She is among those who have noted an increased demand for information about the measles vaccine.

‘Parents want advice and guidance,’ she said.

Which vaccines you need depends on where you are going. For information about the vaccines you, or your child, need before the trip, check the ‘Folkehelseinstitutt’ website.

MMR vaccine

The MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella, is usually given to a child at 15 months, but it can be administered earlier if you visit countries where there is an outbreak.

Mæhlum said, ‘I hear parents asking for it. I don’t have figures on how many we’ve vaccinated under the age of 15 months, but there has always been a rule that children may receive the vaccine from when they are nine months old if they are going to a country with an outbreak.’

The Vaccination Office in the Porsgrunn and City Centre Health Unit in Tønsberg have seen the same trend.

‘More than usual, we have been contacted, especially by those with children under 15 months who haven’t yet received the vaccine,’ said the health sister in Porsgrunn, Anne-Kari Nærum.

The same is true of the contagious illness office in Drammen. They have noticed that many parents have heard the media reports about measles outbreaks in Europe.

Many people ask questions about the vaccine. Several want to speed up getting the MMR vaccine for their child,’ said area nurse, Gro Kjersti Schebesta.

Only abroad

She emphasised that taking the vaccine before the age of 15 months is only relevant for children travelling abroad, not otherwise.

‘Then you follow the usual recommendations,’ she said.

The Vaccination Office at Skien Helsehus has also been contacted by parents with questions about the vaccine, but no more than usual.

They said they provide families that contact them with advice on where they are going, and what kind of trip they are taking.


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