Unique bridge to Russia is in place

BøkfjordbruaIllustration.Bøkfjordbrua.Photo: Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

The last section of the joint Norwegian-Russian road bridge is in position. The tide was used to help get the bridge in place after transport from Germany.

Bøkfjordbrua is the last piece, and the crown, of the road project between Kirkenes and Pechenga in Russia on Europavei 105.

Shipped along the Norwegian coast

Built by Schachtbau Nordhausen in Germany, the section was transported north by barge to Bøkfjorden, where it arrived on Monday.

The 500 ton steel bridge is 120 meters long and 25 meters high and arrived on Saturday to its final destination, just a few kilometres from the border with Russia.

The nearly 4,000 kilometre Europavei 105 runs from Kirkenes, through Russia to Yalta on the Russian-Crimean Peninsula.

The project to improve the highway between Kirkenes in Norway to Pechenga in Russia started in 2011.

The work was carried out by the Norwegian company, HAK Entrepreneur, in partnership with Schachtbau Nordhausen and the Norwegian
Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen).


Source: nrk.no / Norway Today


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