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Driver Followed GPS – Ended at Bottom of Lake



Three friends on a drive in Vermont, USA, got an unpleasant surprise when the GPS led them into an ice-lined lake.


The GPS instructed the driver to continue straight as the car reached the Champlain Lake between the states of Vermont and New York. Following instructions, he drove down on a boat ramp and was suddenly out on the ice. The car slipped first before the ice broke, and the car dropped to the bottom of the lake.

The driver and the two passengers managed to rescue themselves on time.

“The only visible part of the car was the rear bumper,” he said in the police report after the incident.

The police do not suspect that the driver was affected by neither alcohol nor drugs. There must have been heavy rain and a fog in the area when the accident occurred on January 12th.

The driver used the GPS app Waze during the drive. Google, who owns the company behind the app, has no immediate explanation regarding the incident.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today