Persons with open wounds warned of vibrio

bathing vibrioIt is hot several places in Norway right now. This leads to increased temperatures in the water, and then the vibrio bacteria propagate the most. Photo: Trond Reidar Teigen / NTB scanpix

Persons with open wounds warned of vibrio infection

Persons with open wounds on their body should take precautions when bathing, the Norwegian Public Health Institute advises. Five Norwegians have been infected with vibrio bacteria after bathing, so far this year.

“The advice from the Public Health Institute (NPHI) is that persons with open wounds on their body should not bathe in the ocean – if the wound cannot be covered with solid, waterproof band-aids,” Aftenposten writes. This applies especially to elderly persons suffering from liver diseases and persons with impaired immune systems.

Persons at risk are encouraged to wear bathing shoes to avoid sores during bathing. It is urged to monitor closely and contact a physician for signs of infection – If a wound is already present.



Vibrio infections in Akershus, Telemark and Agder

Two of the cases of vibrio infection in 2019 are registered in Akershus, as well as one in each of the counties Telemark, East- and West- Agder. Two of the infected are children between the ages of zero and nine, three others are between the ages of 50 and 59, and the last case is a young person between the ages of ten and nineteen. The figures are taken from the Communicable Diseases Reporting System (MSIS).

Vibrio bacteria multiply when the temperature in the water is above 20 degrees Celcius over a period of time. The bacterium is, in the worst case, carnivorous and occurs foremost in brackish water and areas with low salt content.

Several persons became ill following vibrio infection in inner Oslo Fjord in 2018.

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