Video clips wanted after Chataya murder

Chataya murder bergenFlowers and a picture left at the square where Said Bassam Chataya was killed with a knife during a street fight in Bergen. Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Video clips wanted by the police after Chataya murder

The police wish to get in touch with persons who may have filmed the knife murder of Said Chataya at the Circle-K petrol station on Danmarks plass in the centre of Bergen.

Said Bassam Chataya was critically stabbed with a knife in Bergen last Friday. The 28-years-old was found severely injured with punctures to several places in the upper body. He later died as a result of the sustained injuries.

The police now want to document the course of events as thoroughly as possible. They state in a press release that they wish to get in touch with persons who can possess vital investigation material, preferably in the form of videos or pictures depicting parts of the incident.


Video recordings are of great interest to the investigation regardless of quality. The police call for anyone who may have recorded before, during or after the murder. They implore such witnesses to phone them on 02800.

A surveillance camera captured the murder of Chataya. The clip covers the mass fight and the murder itself. The recording reveals that the deceased was stabbed several times to his upper body. The contents of the surveillance video form the basis for the murder accusation against a suspected perpetrator, among other things.

The motif and course of events leading up to the knife stabbing is a central part of the investigation. The police have several hypotheses, including statements concerning both possible jealousy and conflict involving drugs.


  • Police received notification of a street fight, involving several persons, at a Circle-K petrol station on Danmarks plass in Bergen at 9.30 pm last Friday. They moved out to the scene.
  • A 28-years-old man was found severely injured and was immediately transported to the emergency room at Haukeland University Hospital. He was declared dead at 10.20 pm by the hospital.
  • The name of the deceased has been confirmed to be Said Bassam Chataya. He died of four knife stabs to his upper body.
  • A total of twelve persons have been arrested and detained. A 21-years-old is charged with murder, nine are charged with gross bodily harm and two are charged with false explanations.
  • Eleven of the twelve are Norwegian citizens. Four of them were born and raised in Norway, the other seven came to Norway in the period 1988 to 2008 and are originally from the Middle East and Africa. The twelfth person is a foreign citizen. The latter came to Norway in 2005.
  • The accused persons are allegedly born between 1987 and 2000.
  • All of them are known to the police from earlier encounters with the law.
  • A surveillance camera has captured the murder on video. It contains the mass fight and the ensuing murder. According to the police, the content of the surveillance video forms the basis for the murder charge against one person.

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