Vy employees threatened by passengers

Vy employees bus for trainPhoto: Vy/Mads Kristiansen

Vy employees on ‘bus for train’ threatened by passengers

Vy employees who work on ‘bus for train’ often receive threats from frustrated passengers. “Highly regrettable,” says the Press Manager of Vy (formerly NSB).

Press Manager of Vy, Åge-Christoffer Lundeby, tells NRK  that threats aimed at the Vy employees are commonplace. The employees experience that many passengers are frustrated.

“It is highly regrettable that Vy employees are exposed to threats at work. That is not okay. Fortunately, it rarely turns physical,” Lundeby explains.

Bane Nor, as in previous years, carries out work on several train sections during the summer. Train passengers on the Drammen and Østfold Railways, for example, have to brace themselves for several weeks of ‘bus for train’.



Longer travel time

“It is not unusual for passengers to get angry at the employees,” Chief Conductor of Vy, Marius Bjerkeli, informs. He thinks the reason is that the journey takes longer than usual.

“Some even expect a discount because the offer is not as usual,” Bjerkeli adds.

“You are really told off when you inform that it doesn’t work that way. The only thing we, who work in the front line can do, is to smile and clench our teeth,” Bjerkeli rounds off.

Despite the fact that several Vy employees are threatened at work, Lundeby believes that they work under adequate conditions.

“I think that the passengers should think twice before they get angry at those who front ‘bus for train’,” Lundeby concludes.

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  1. Joakim Haugen | 7. August 2019 at 18:45 |

    No this is the «go to excuse» of all Marxists who do like always, a terrible job and want to save face.
    So claim you get death threats! And guilt the people into overlooking your negligence.

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