Warmest September in 116 years

Warmest September in 116 yearsWarmest September in 116 years.Photo: Norway Today Media

This year the month of September was the warmest since 1900, according to the Meteorological Institute. The mildest weather has been in the south of the country.

Especially the west coast has had days with very high temperatures.

In both Bergen and Stavanger there were recorded new maximum temperatures at respectively 27.6 and 27.3 degrees on 16 and 13 September.

– Both cities have had higher mean temperatures in September than in July, said duty meteorologist Terje Alsvik Walløe at the Meteorological Institute to news agency NTB.

Southern wind

– It has consistently been a lot of southern winds that has brought warm air from the southern latitudes. There has hardly been any northerly winds in September this year, explains meteorologist.

Oslo is equaling its monthly record with 15 degrees in average temperature for September.
Kristiansand had a mean temperature of 15 degrees and equaled its record from 1949.

Beating old records

Both Asker and Gardermoen beat their old records for high mean temperature with respectively 14.2 degrees and 13.9 degrees in September.

In the mountains of southern Norway it was up to five degrees warmer than normal.
– It doesn’t seem too far to say that there will be a heat record in October, but it is too early to say anything about it, stresses Walløe.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today