Western Norway: Tunnels closed on evenings

carCar in traffic. Photo Norway Today Media.

About 65 tunnels on the busiest roads in Western Norway will be closed during evenings until 2025. “This will pose challenges,” admits the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.


The reason for the night closures is that the tunnels must be upgraded to meet the requirements of the tunnel regulations, NRK writes. Several of the tunnels are located on the E16 and E39.


“This will put on big challenges for motorists. There are a lot of drivers at night, and there is a lot of heavy traffic on the E16. In addition, it may pose a big challenge for the emergency services that needed to pass through,” says Regional Manager, Helge Eidsnes, to the news channel.


Eidsnes says that we are now paying the price for saving money in the 80’s. Light, ventilation, and electrical facilities must be replaced, more shelters must be established, and fire safety must be adjusted.


The biggest challenge will take place when the Fløyfjell tunnel will be shut down in 2022. The road users in Bergen have to be patient for several years of night closure, the regional road driver says.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today