Will cut down eating red meat – but consumption increases

Meat Freeze Ground beefGround beef. Photo: Norway Today Media

One in four says they want to eat less red meat, but consumption only increases.


In the past ten years, the consumption of meat has increased by around 8 percent. In 2016 each of us ate 77 kilos of meat. By comparison, consumption was 53 kilos annually in 1989.

A quarter of consumers say, however, that they are planning to reduce their intake of red meat by 2018. Among them are the mostly women, mostly in the larger cities and most among those who vote for the Green Party (MDG). Shows a poll Sentio has done for the nation.

Its men who stick to their steaks. The survey said 76 percent of men said they were not going to cut their intake of red meat next year. Among the women, 61 percent are not thinking about cutting their intake of red meat.

Only 18 percent of the men in the survey say they plan to eat less red meat and 30 percent of women.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today