Here there will be life on Saturday

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Here there will be life on Saturday

Don’t you have any plans for Saturday? Would you like to try trampoline or balancing on a slack rope – in the middle of the city?


This weekend it is a Market in the Stavanger City Centre. Stavanger Centrum, The Cancer Society, Yoga for Everyone, Stavanger Aquatic Center, Aktiv Kompis, Slakfisk, Viking Football, Fjällräven, The Naprapat National team in Stavanger, Freedome Trampoline Park, PT Service and the Red Cross have joined forces to offer activities both for young and for old.

Here is an overview of what you can do:

Søregata 30

Yoga for alle Doles out bear hugs and face paints for all active children. From 12:30 pm to 1:30 you can also practice Yin mindfulness with Wong. At 12.45, 1.15 and at 2.15 pm it is Mindfullness with Seglem that steal the focus.


At Arneageren there will be football dart and soccer binge with Viking football. You can even buy tickets for the match on May 16th and Viking supporter effects.

Torget (Town Square)

Frisklivssentralen Stavanger, Aktiv and the Cancer society Are standing at the ready to help you discover everyday health with activities that are suited to you. There will also be a rebus race with gold medals.

You can also meet the Naprapat National Team, Stavanger. You can learn a little about what they do and participate in a quiz. Prizes are drawn at 2.30 pm.

PT-service is also in place with different strength and endurance contests that are suitable for children and adults. They also have a quiz.

The Red Cross Also participates and shows you how to perform heart-lung compression. They also have an ambulance with them.

Domkirkeplassen (Cathedral Square)

Do you have a good balance? Then you can pull Slakkfisk (slack fish) to get it tested!

Freedome Trampolinepark is also in place and shows their tricks and skills. You’ll be allowed to try it yourself as well.

Fjällräven raises a tent in the middle of the city and offers travel food.

The event lasts from 11 am to 3 pm.


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