Norway defended World Championship Orienteering gold medal in relay once again

Magne DæhliSTRÖMSTAD, SWEDEN 20160827.Magne Dæhli Photo: Adam Ihse/TT / NTB scanpix

Norway held off opposition and took its third straight men’s World Championship Orienteering gold on Thursday. Magne Dæhli secured the triumph four seconds in front of Switzerland.


As an anchor man,Dæhli could cheer together with teammates Gaute Hallan Steiwer and Eskil Kinneberg.

In fact,Olav Lundanes was meant to take part in the Latvian Sigulda relay, but he was overcome by stomach problems. Steiwer was no bad substitute, who ran as number two.

Kinneberg, who became the world champion on Tuesday, started his leg 18 seconds behind Latvia.He sent Dæhli out four seconds ahead of the UK. Finally, the victory margin went to Switzerland.

In recent years, it has really improved for Norway in the relay. Before the gold in 2016,Norway had not come top in a World Championship since 2005.

Dæhli has participated in all three leagues as an anchor, while Kinneberg was also part of last year’s success.

On the women’s side, Norway took fourth place. Switzerland won the gold in front of the title defenders, Sweden, while Russia took the bronze. Norway ended 5.06 minutes behind the winning team.

The Norwegian team consisted of Kamilla Olaussen, Marianne Andersen and Andrine Benjaminsen.

“This is the best Norway has performed with the women’s team since 2015. Now we have something to build on for next year’s World Championship at home,” said Benjaminsen in a press release from the Norwegian Orienteering Federation.


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