7 out of 10 Norwegians not worried about terrorists

Departures 7 out of 10 NorwegiansOslo Airport Gardermoen. Departures. Photo Harald Breievne.Norway Today Media

7 out of 10 Norwegians aren’t concerned about terrorist events while they travel

A survey conducted by Ipsos for the insurance company, Gjensidige, found that 7 out of 10 Norwegians don’t fret over recent terrorist events, and have chosen the same destinations as before.

1 in 4 respondents said they chose, to a ‘very’ or ‘quite large’ degree, other destinations than previously as a result of terrorist events. However, only 16% responded that they are ‘quite’ or ‘very’ concerned about travelling. And even less, 8%, responded that they travel less often as a result of ‘terror’.

The survey shows that the concern about terror is greatest among the residents of Rogaland, while respondents in Oslo are to a lesser extent affected by terrorist events.

Five or six inquiries

‘This shows that most Norwegians don’t allow terror to affect their travel plans,’ said communications manager, Bjarne Rysstad, of Gjensidige.

4,300 people responded to the survey, conducted between April the 14th and May the 17th this year. This was before the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London.

Rysstad nevertheless said that Gjensidige had only received ‘five or six’ inquiries after the last terrorist attack in London, mainly from customers who wished to cancel travel bookings.

‘As we are used to possibilities of cancellations, it also confirms the impression that people travel mainly as they ever did’, he said.

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