Air travelers fee change on 1. april

NorwegianNorwegian.Photo. Norway Today Media

It will be cheaper to travel in Europe, but much more expensive to fly further away when the government changes the rates in the air passenger tax from the 1st of April.

The government parties have long signaled that they have wanted to do something about the air passenger tax. When the state budget for 2019 was presented last year, it was also noted that the fee should be changed from having one rate of NOK 84 for all flights, to two rates.

As of April 1, the new rates for the tax will therefore be changed to NOK 75 for all journeys with final destination in Europe, while for all other journeys it will be increased to NOK 200, the Ministry of Finance informs.

The controversial fee, which was introduced on all flights from Norwegian airports in 2016, was among other things stated as reason when Ryanair dropped all its traffic from Moss Airport Rygge. This would be the hook on the door for civilian traffic from the airport in 2017.

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