The annual Perseid meteor shower will peak in Norway tonight

Stars Perseid meteor showerPhoto: Michal Mancewicz / Unsplash

One of the brightest meteor showers happens each year in August. Tonight, it’s expected to peak in Norway.

Meteors are small pieces of matter from outer space that become incandescent upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The process is pretty to watch – the burning substances look like bright streaks reminiscent of shooting stars – and delights lucky onlookers. Especially when it occurs many times in one time period.

The Perseids are a collection of such debris that enters the Earth’s atmosphere each summer over several days. Their name comes from the constellation of Perseus, which is the direction from which they appear to arrive. During the summer, the Perseus constellation is located in the northeast part of the sky – so that’s where you should look if you hope to see the Perseids.

The Perseids are peaking over Norway tonight, but they’ll likely continue in a lesser intensity over the next few days as they taper off. The country is currently on a meteor kick, after a meteor landed in Finnemarka just north of Drammen.

Anyone eager to watch tonight should keep in mind that they’ll be best seen between 11 PM and 4:30 AM – and only in areas with clear skies and, ideally, away from light pollution. No special equipment is needed, as the meteors can be seen with the naked eye.

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