Could be the end for banned liquids on flights

Slight increase in air trafficAir traffic. Photo Avinor

Avinor is considering buying new X-ray machines for luggage, and thus the limit on how much liquid you can carry in your hand luggage on airplanes can be eliminated.

Avinor, which operates most airports in Norway, has not yet decided whether to invest in the new scanners, according to

“We are considering it now. Given the large costs, it will probably be relevant that the largest airports in Norway teceives them first,” says communications manager Kristian Løksa in Avinor.

The new X-ray machines are three-dimensional and allow the controllers to study the contents of the luggage from all angles. The machines have been tested and approved by TSA in the United States.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently ordered all UK airports to introduce the new scanner by 2022. The equipment is already being tested at Heathrow airport in London.

The machines allow the controllers to distinguish between dangerous and harmless content, and thus they can detect explosives and other illegal objects. At the airports using the new scanners, travelers do not have to limit how much liquid they carry or have to remove containers of liquid from their luggage at security check points.

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