Millions paid to 14 national tourist destinations

Preikestolen , Pulpit RockPreikestolen (Pulpit Rock ).Photo : Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix

14 national tourist destinations in Norway are now receiving support from the National Tourist Trails grant scheme to improve the conditions for the tourists.


The Norwegian Environmental Directorate has allocated the grant of NOK 10.5 million to trip destinations around the country,from Senja in the north to the Lysefjord in the south.

The projects that receive support are linked to tourist paths that have challenges from receiving very many visitors, where a large percentage are international guests.

“Norway has wonderful natural areas that more and more foreign tourists visit. At the same time, it’s important that natural values are taken care of, and that the experience of magnificent nature is not impaired due to the large amount of visitors,” said climate and environment minister, Ola Elvestuen of Venstre (V).

“Therefore, the government will ensure that the most used paths are not destroyed by wear and tear, hustle and bustle. We also want to improve the safety of the visitors, including by informing them better, and through various emergency preparedness measures’’, he added.

The scheme does not provide support for operational tasks, and requires that applicants contribute a minimum of a 50% stake in the measures, either in the form of money or work effort. Those who have received grants include travel companies, municipalities, and county municipalities.


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